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Students will be entertained by teaching artist Austin Dailey while exploring aspects of the Hip Hop culture. During the kids normal gym class time, this residence program will allow every student in a school to participate in this fun, energetic, and positive educational journey. Students will explore Hip Hop language, Hip Hop movement, Hip Hop art, Hip Hop history, and Hip Hop music. During students physical education class, they will explore Hip Hop as a musical genre connected to music history and art history through urban art. 


Teaching Artist Austin Dailey, has many goals for his students. He wants students to be open-minded, build self-confidence, and ignite curiosity. Through the investigation into the world of Hip Hop, students will be mindful of respecting themselves and others during the self-expressive dance. There will also be instruction and discussions on anatomy of the body, healthy food choices, and proper stretching. Students will experience how dance is an outlet to express ones emotions. They will tap into their own creativity during the dance movement program. The result is a release of endorphins and right to a smile on their faces.


Basic to Hard levels of Hip Hop dance will be instructed throughout the residency. Students will learn and perform basic and advanced Hip Hop dance moves that can be made into simple sequences and isolated body patterns. Motor skills and movement patterns will be pushed to the kids limits while performing a variety of Hip Hop physical dance activities.  Strengthening of the entire bodies physical systems will be achieved.


Some schools add on a service called "family fun night" that has great value to the entire school community. The "family fun night" is a fantastic way for the kids to show their parents what they worked on throughout the week. A flashy DJ light show is set up to enhance the ambiance of the evening. Parents and teachers also participate during a section of the exciting evening. A short performance is also demonstrated by Austin Dailey's dance team. 




Health & Physical Education:

 - exploring healthy choices and learning how food effects the body while using hip hop dance 

 - positive and negative effects of daily food selection

 - importance of exercise

 - students will familiarize themselves with how their own body moves in open space

 - This program will generate kids thinking about how the results of eating well and exercising can create a      better future for themselves

- inspire students to think about Hip Hop dance as a way to be creative and feel good about themselves


Communication & Teamwork:

 - dance is one form of many ways to communicate

 - dance has an endless vocabulary

- expressing themselves artistically by using Hip Hop dance

- encourage hard work ethic

- embracing diversity leads to creativity, teamwork, and strengthening a community

- importance of teamwork

- students will think about being coordinated to the speed of a music (musicality)

- students will get step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to learn the movement



 - basic physics

 - basic kinesthetic awareness concepts

 - basic anatomy of the human body mostly focusing on muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, heart, and brain



- promoting diversity in society and the bridging of different cultures using Hip Hop

- teaching students the positive components of Hip Hop music from the old to the new 

- learning some evolutionary components of Hip Hop dance


We try to ask students a few questions to generate thinking:

What effects does Hip Hop dance and food have on the body?

How does proper food intake and exercise effects a person’s health?

What will you do to improve your choices with food?

How can you have fun while exercising?

How do you think a professional Hip Hop dancer prepares for a performance?

What do you think about when I say the words Hip Hop?

What is the purpose of Hip Hop dance?


We share statistics to the students but modified depending on the age group. For example:

- According to a recent study done by the New York Times in January 2013, 69.99% of the United States is overweight.


Dance material that students will work on:

- party line dances, party crazes, party moves, popping, robotics, waving, locking, break-dancing, Michael Jackson dance moves, basic routine combinations



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